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    Alex Jones Sucks At Math, Too!

    Men in the 1960s had 36 inch penises?! :p
  2. HonestJoe

    How many fake users are on Twitter?

    In addition to the distinction between retweeting and viewing others have mentioned, Twitter and YouTube have significantly different advertising and marketing models. On YouTube, the adverts are primarily embedded in the videos and so it is in their interest to get users to view as many...
  3. HonestJoe

    Is it politically correct to tell women "Happy Mother's Day!" when they are pregnant with their first baby?

    "Political correctness" generally isn't a factor in private conversations. If you don't know someone well enough to know whether they'd appreciate the sentiment or not, you probably shouldn't be making any such intimate statements to them in the first place. Of course, if you just made them up...
  4. HonestJoe

    Is it politically correct to point out that a woman born without a uterus (human with Y chromosome) doesn't have a uterus?

    Being intentionally rude just to make a petty political point is politically incorrect, especially if you make a career out of that.
  5. HonestJoe

    If You Tell a Lie About Christians Long Enough...

    Not just about Christians. Any lie that is repeated enough can become commonly believed. That can be (and has been0 used by Christians as much as against them and, like so many things, will typically have nothing to do with Christianity at all, it not actually being the be-all and end-all of...
  6. HonestJoe

    Polls -- Display votes publicly -- default option

    Not a huge issue in the grand scheme of things but I'd suggest that inadvertently revealing the names on a poll intended to be anonymous could be more of an issue than inadvertently creating an anonymous poll you intended to have the names displayed. After all, people can (and often do) say in...
  7. HonestJoe

    One week racial survey: CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR

    Why? Wouldn't a good step in addressing Americas obsession with racial division would be to stop being obsessed with racial division? The media publish whatever sells.
  8. HonestJoe

    Is the U.S. serious about keeping Ukraine a free Nation?

    He might not be willing to say so but it'd be more about what the American voters would be willing to accept. After all, the most the US could do is send in ground forces to directly fight the Russians but that isn't something most Americans would support. I'm not sure what further sanctions...
  9. HonestJoe

    How Did the Apostles Die?

    From your own link (my emphasis); Of course, the link goes on to put lots of weight to those accounts anyway to manufacture the conclusion you repeated, which strikes me as more than a little dishonest. Isn't it at least possible that "church tradition" of all the apostles being martyred was...
  10. HonestJoe

    Should Synagogues be Allowed to Fire Anti-Zionist School Teachers

    I think calling people anti-Semitic if they criticise any actions or policies of this Israeli government or disagree with the concept of Zionism is disgusting. If that was valid, I don't see why criticising Jews who don't support Israel or Zionism would have to be anti-Semitic too. The core...
  11. HonestJoe

    Biden ‘Prepared to Respond’ If Russia Cyberattacks US

    I'm not sure there would be much gain for them to do so. If they did it surreptitiously, the could certainly cause disruption in the US but that wouldn't really gain them anything. If they did it openly, it could be seen as an attack and Putin isn't going to want to kick that hornets nest...
  12. HonestJoe

    AP source: Oklahoma GOP Sen. Inhofe to announce retirement

    Why? Was there anything especially bad this Senator did in his last seven years or three terms? I honestly don't know and can only judge based on what was written here but that all seems fairly standard, and certainly nothing you couldn't also get from a 40-year-old first termer. There are...
  13. HonestJoe

    Michigan GOP AG candidates criticize case that nixed law banning use of birth control

    I suspect you could make a valid legal argument that states should have the right to but you can also make a valid moral argument that they shouldn't. I think it's a pity that there wasn't a follow-up question to the candidates that, if the decision should be a state one, what decision do they...
  14. HonestJoe

    Is the word "curry" racist?

    Nobody appears to have actually said the word curry is racist. I suspect The Daily Mail made that up (note: The Daily Mail is often racist, fraudulent and treats it's readers like idiots, possibly with some justification). The actual question about the use of the word curry is much more nuanced...
  15. HonestJoe

    Two-thirds of Canadians support use of Emergencies Act and want Freedom Convoy cleared out

    I have some sympathy for the authorities (and contempt for the protesters methods) since even though there is general support for removing the trucks in theory, I don't there is any way of actually doing that without triggering a violent response from at least some of the protestors and...
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