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    Should the Mayor of Seattle (Durkin) be forced to resign?

    And most of the rest were born to follow.....they were born to be victims. We R SOOOOO ****ed!
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    Happy Pride Day

    Most folks have already decided to be serfs... I KNOW That U Know...
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    NBA Orlando Bubble idea is too dangerous

    Bucky I love how you play,,,Never misunderstand that point! MONEY!
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    It Is Not Your Constitutional Right To Not Wear A Mask

    Reading comprehension is clearly a profound problem for you.
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    Make the world a better place..educate high schoolers about reality

    Well Bret and Eric Weintein were just the other day on Dark Horse talking about how they are worried that the world is now so polluted with bad leaders that nuclear conflagration is likely. These are two of the smartest best understanding what is going on guys I know. I am worried.
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    Be Honest

    Re: Be F--king Honest America practices torture and targeted assassinations, that ship has sailed.
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    What did you have for dinner? -Part dois

    Thats sounds good....The problem with stuffed peppers is that I pretty much ate a lifetime supply as a kid, mom loved them because the peppers came from the garden and she used a lot of rice and she had three boys to feel....cheap was good.
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    Do you wear a mask in public?

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    Do you wear a mask in public?

    Thats not what Carlin said,,,,,He said that we are ****ed,,,,,,we are going away.
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    Be Honest

    Re: Be F--king Honest Once you come to understand the new China Russia relationship you will understand why our goose is cooked given how broken America is now after an entire generation of fundamental mismanagement.
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    Be Honest

    Re: Be F--king Honest Russia is part of The New Chinese Empire, and I already know that the Chinese will pursue the ends of the Earth to end America as a global power...there is nothing new or interesting here.
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    Do you wear a mask in public?

    Its like with immigration....we the citizens were never consulted about having open borders. What has happened is that the elites have decided that they are going to do what they want to do, the consent of the nation is no longer required.
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    Make the world a better place..educate high schoolers about reality

    Some people keep learning all the way through life.
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    What do you believe in the Bible to be true, if anything?

    Well Hell....I thought I had something!
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