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    The Success Of The War On Terror

    Besides the attack on the Cole, which was near the end of Clinton's term, most of the actual "terrorist" casualties during that time were in Rwanda. Taking action in Rwanda would not have changed anything. In fact Clinton's advisors told Bush when Bush came into office that Al Qaida should be...
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    Do you think polls are and effective way to tell what Americans believe?

    If the question is clear and one for which the allowed responses can demonstrate the actual opinions, then polls are accurate. If there are more opinions than can be demonstrated by the answers allowed ( as in things like abortion or presidential approval ) then accuracy may be questionable but...
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    Should the Senate Confirm Judge Alito for the SCOTUS?

    I completely agree.
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    Legalization of Drugs

    I'm all for all soft drugs being legal. Heck half of them are already, why not the other half? But, though I do realise the harm done by the illegal drug trade and the money spent on trying to corral it, I can't approve of making drugs like heroine or cocaine legal. The addiction and mortailty...
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    Should Evolution Be Taught In Schools?

    The senate is not secular. Both the beliefs of senators and those of thier constituents stops it from being so. As to the earlier comments about church building and such being an economic payoff from religion, the money other countries will make off of medicines, procedures, etc. developed from...
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    Should the Senate Confirm Judge Alito for the SCOTUS?

    While it can be fun to watch threads degenerate.. Back to the original question, I think it would be premature to state anything until the senate hearings are done. He is qualified, but there are still questions about where he sits on some constitutional points. To say anything either way at...
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    P B S

    Because of the bias towards advertising dollars, all of the privately run stations end up reducing quality programs and catering to the lowest common denominator. Discovery covered some of the areas that PBS does, but after the first few years on the air it dropped most of the real scientific...
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    Effectiveness of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

    The NPT has nothing to do with current nuclear stocks. It has no teeth, as countries which do not sign are allowed to do whatever they wish. Those which decide to go nuclear after signing merely withdraw from it without repercussions. It is a nice idea, but really has little effect. As far as...
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    electoral college? who needs it!

    The better solution, IMHO, is to have all states split thier electoral college votes. Even in the those states which always elect a certain party, that party rarely ( if ever ) gets enough votes to account for all seats in that state. The current system is ridiculous. It's not the swing states...
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    Why do liberals support drug legalization but favor gun control?

    It seems to me that in general it is a middle road approach in both cases. Usually in terms of regulating who can buy guns and which can be bought on the gun control side and doing the same on the drug side. In the case of drugs it seems more hypocritical to me to have some "soft" drugs (...
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    The Success Of The War On Terror

    Both the attacks in Spain and London were successful after Al Qaeda was dislodged from thier base of power. So how are they merely symbolic now? The main reason North Korea pulled out of the 1994 treaty and restarted thier nuclear reactors was that the US never fulfilled thier part of the...
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    Who Was Novak's Source ??

    If, as it seems, Rove has been identified as the person who leaked the name, I believe he should step down or be tossed. As you say it's either incompetence in not determining her status or willful ignorance of the law. Neither should be tolerated among those so high up in any government.
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    NHL anyone?

    In all I don't see to much change from before the cap in terms of team standings. It still looks like Philly, Ottawa or Tampa in the east and Detroit, Vancouver or Colorado in the West. Of course Ottawa will choke and Vancouver and Tampa both still need a goalies.
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    30 year plan to pay off debt

    Why both? Capital gains recipients and high income earners are usually the same people. It is possible for anyone with a reasonably high income to make a fortune off of capital gains alone, I do not see why you would eliminate taxes on this. This can be done, but must be done over a long...
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    Who Was Novak's Source ??

    Loopholes you say? Hmm. You bet. The way the law is worded you are only culpable if you knew that the CIA agent in question was designated as a covert agent. This is much more difficult to prove than who gave out the name. This is likely one of the reasons nobody has been charged for it.
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