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  • Thanks for friending me Gunner. I don't know you too well, but would you tell me a bit about yourself, please?
    merry christmas gunner
    Well it's interesting for me definitely, as I'm also in tourism...

    If you're in tourism with opinions like his regarding pretty much anyone he disagrees with, or anyone of a certain religious persuasion... I have no idea how you can go very far.... considering you have to be able to work with people across the spectrum.

    Also... he's very strange in the fact that he's a Canadian, but kisses the American Right Wings ass every chance he gets... makes no sense since 99% of Canadians want to be differentiated from Americans because we are our own distinct people and proud of that.

    It'd be like... An Englishman towing the French Right Wing line every chance he got... you'd just be like :shock:
    But as you know he's always been this way.

    He's the only poster I can truly say that I hate personally, he's got an extremely poisonous personality and unlike some folks has no redeeming qualities.

    Doesn't talk about music, tv shows, doesn't make jokes ever... he's only ever got something hateful to say.
    I tell yah man, sometimes what can you do eh?

    These assholes are ignorant as ****.

    It sometimes gets me mad IRL which is sad as hell.
    Weird! I'm getting these messages and I've only got 13 messages in my Visitor Message box. I'll ask a mod what's going on. Cheers Paul. Andrew
    Should be okay now, Paul. I just deleted two years' worth of visitor messages. Took me ages, I had to read them all first. Anyway, did you want to send me a message?
    Hi Paul, Just popped in to see if anyone had left a message. I'm enjoying the new place and would be great to see you there, not that I'm posting that much, just got too much work on at the moment. Check it out though... usmessageboard.com. It wasn't the Basement that pissed me off so much, but the authoritarian mods such as Tashah, Don et all. Modding at USMB is very laissez faire and a lot of good peeps from here are now there...Catz, Pete, Alexa, BDBoop and several others. No ME Martial Law either. One downside, mbig is also there saying exactly the same things and starting exactly the same crap threads. Take care, mate. You've always been one of the good guys!
    No kidding:) PSG is the only club that matters in Paris (how provincial) but it is so disappointing that we find ourselves cheering for our loathed enemies in Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon ... To tell you the truth Lille is a refreshment; but 'our' best player Gervinho just went to England:lol:
    Ach, my apologies if you support another team or none at all. I didn't mean any offense: Arsenal is one of my faves. Good to know a little more about you however. Thank you:)
    I take it from your user name that you are an Arsenal fan? Anyway would you please stop ridding the French championship of its best players:)
    Nice Sig quote
    I've used it a few times in conversation and found it a truism.
    Certainly so about myself in some respects.

    Oh, and while here to say the above, I notice... ... Wonderful family pics!
    Have been enjoying your posts with the rabid Grant and chums. I'm delighted I'm not the only one challenging their idiocy. Power to your elbow!
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