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    Americans flee from higher taxes... Numbers don't lie

    Pretty much. All people are like this though, the problem here is that our federal system of government doesn't inhibit this behavior as well as some others do. i.e. race to the bottom, prisoner's dilema ect.
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    Gingrich says he's inclined to run in 2012 :

    Newt can't win. He is an incrediably polarizing figure, it'd be like the Democrats nominating Nancy Pelosi.
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    "Dream Act" immigration bill blocked in Senate

    Right, and that's why they are trying to change the law....
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    DADT cloture passes

    Well that definatley makes you irrational, and ups the probabability of you being stupid, ignorant and bigoted. But hey, we're all ignorant about something right. GUESS THAT MEANS WE'RE ALL IGNORANMUSES ABOUT SOMTHING HUR HUR HUR.
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    Pentagon: Letting openly gay troops serve won't hurt military

    No, they should just suck it up and get used to it. There's a certain sense of justice in the idea of making the bigots and homophobes in the military suffer their discomfort in silence while they finish out their service.
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    South celebrates Civil War, largely without slaves

    The Southern aristocracy controlled the South and the Democratic party in the South. The South used a slave based economy. This isn't the first time the wealthy elite have convinced the ignorant masses to fight against their own interests. What's particularly galling is that 150 years later...
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    South celebrates Civil War, largely without slaves

    Specifically, the right of a state to enslave other human beings. Claiming the Civil War was fought over state's rights or tarriffs is a loathsome attempt to obfuscate the primary motivation for the South's bid for independence. Ten years is an arbitrary number you pulled right our of your...
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    City to Deploy Ambulances to Save Organs

    Well, that's a pretty silly thing to be afraid of. What incentive would these paramedics have to let you die, its not like they are going to get a commission for every organ they bring in.
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    ah.......ever the spirit of bi-partisnaship

    Incidentally, I've discovered that this charge is often levied by who are themselves fervid ideolouges and shameless partisans.
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    Bid to ban earmarks falls short in Senate

    That's not the issue, my point is that if our representatives are serious about fixing the deficit they should be focusing on things that will make a substantive impact on it, not on trivialities. I suspect that is part of the reason why earmark reform is so eagerly taken up by members of...
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    Bid to ban earmarks falls short in Senate

    I don't really have a problem with earmarks. After after you consider what a tiny portion of the budget they occupy and how much of that tiny percent serves a legitimate purpose, you realize how unworthy the issue is of all the attention it garners, and that Congress has bigger fish to fry.
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    Pentagon: Letting openly gay troops serve won't hurt military

    Maybe gay soldiers thrown out of the military can find work helping John McCain move his goalposts around.
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    Pentagon: Letting openly gay troops serve won't hurt military

    Clinton actually wanted to let gays serve openly, DADT was a compromise forced on him by Congress. And he has since supported the repeal of the policy.
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    South celebrates Civil War, largely without slaves

    Its not self-loathing at all. I just don't see any reason to celebrate being a Southern as opposed to simply being an American.
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    Starve the Beast: Just Bull, not Good Economics

    Oh, but we can afford to extend the Bush tax cuts indefinatley, yes sir ! But hey you may be on to something. Maybe we should freeze defense spending for a couple of months and see if the same magic that would make those jobs open up make Al Queda dissapear too.
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