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  • I took it down in March as i thought it was 30 days- I am not one to welch on a bet. It is no issue to put it up as I found the Gif and have returned it to its proper place.
    Myself I was getting a kick out of it, and not one person ribbed me on it.
    So it shall stay up or a bit more time. Only fair is the way i look at it.
    Found the Gif- tell me what is a fair date to you before I can change it back. As I screwed up I think fair is starting at the 90 day mark again. If you think there should be a penalty incurred as well let me know.
    MY apologies it was 90 days as i see the noted message below. My screw up- Changed it in error. Send me the image again I I will put it back up.
    Reason is I cleared out my in box.
    Cannot recall when I changed it, but check your in box as i has sent you an email.
    My apologies.
    I sent a pm to you as I believed it was for 30 days- I can and do keep my end of the deals. Where did I screw up?
    90 ffn days. Seein as I count Thursday as a full day till today, 86 xxx more to go. LOL
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