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  • Hey GottaGo! Sure has been nice seeing you posting again. You've been missed. Things are good with me hope they are the same for you.
    Just wanted to wish you a happy Valentines day. You never fail to put a smile on my face.
    Right lesbian porn is directed to be erotic to the viewer. When you have these two very feminine blondes dressed to the nines in very feminine revealing clothes you have already lost most of the lesbian couples. There are very feminine lesbians but usually not couples where both are very femme. That already creates an air or the unreal. That is the turn on hook.
    Yes. If someone wants to learn they need to see purely lesbian porn where two lesbians are really in action and not playing games for the camera. I am polyamorous and have more than one partner. We also dabble in other sexual experience as well. So lesbian sexuality can be just as out there as any other. It is not all prim and proper as the porn makes it out to be. The ladies are not always as feminine and beautiful in reality either. I am called sir much of the time when out with the partner or partners.
    Thanks for the like. Yes many guys do think they will learn from lesbian porn but find it lacking in what the real content is. I am happy to think men are trying to find a better way to operate with women. Cool and hugs
    I'm sorry that you won't accept my friendship request. I appreciate your posts, and am pleased you have chosen DP as your place to offer your opinions. I hope you enjoy DP forum. Good bye.
    Haha. Apparently not. Thankfully though, like Job before me, all that was taken away has now been returned to me. Praize be to teh interweb mods on high! :mrgreen:
    Knock Knock.....anybody up there I could have swore I heard moving around up there?
    Seems someones' box is full again. Whats going on in that loft up there :lol:
    Some Dude? I'll have you know that it's not just some dude. It is THEE DUDE! ;)
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