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    The John F. Kennedy Assassination

    Yes it had Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Sinatra and someone else. JFK was friends with Sinatra who was friends with Sammy the Bull and thats how they met. You have to see the movie it is good. Its from like 95 I believe.
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    Is Affirmative Action good for Colleges and Universities

    HELL NO!! It isnt good. Just because a person is black and gets a 3.0 gpa and a white kid gets a 4.0 and they choose the black kid. Thats FAIR??? Hell no!! Affirmative action is just pulling the races apart even more. Its BS....
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    The most overrated tema in baseball

    Every player in baseball is a Prima Donna. They get payed Millions to hit a ball and play a game that they love. The Yankees arent overated they just dont have good pitching.Everyone knew that would be a problem. Heck I was watching baseball tonight(the show) and they picked the Angels to Win. I...
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    The John F. Kennedy Assassination

    They didnt exactly threaten Ruby, they hired him just like they hired Oswald. I devised this story from watching the Rat Pack movie. The true scenes in that movie helped me create my own story.
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    The John F. Kennedy Assassination

    I belive the Mafia killed JFK. When JFK assigned his bro to that one job with the FBI or CIA.(I forget I am having a Brain Fart) The Mafia got JFK the presidency and JFK in return pledged to not attack the Mafia, well Robby boy said he was going after the Mafia. So listen, this is where the...
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