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    Great band. RIP Dusty Hill.
  2. gone fishin'

    If you watched the hearing, watched the video's and listened to the officers

    It's difficult to understand; at least for me anyway. Clear facts don't seem to matter; they just don't.
  3. gone fishin'

    What is going on with the kung fu audit in arizona?

    They're trying hard to scrub the egg form their faces before making a presentation.
  4. gone fishin'

    Grill'n with lump charcoal

    I bought a Kamado Joe grill about a year ago; it's ceramic, same price range as the Egg. I love it! I've been buying lump coal and wood from a local grilling store; but am sure you can pick the stuff up online. I have never found any strange items in the bag. The lump coal brand that I'm...
  5. gone fishin'

    A Topic For Discussion. Why do Republicans Think Democrats are Communists?

    The word "Communism", just like the word "Socialism", et al, is term that is used by many repubs to describe something that they don't like. These terms are loosely used; it's nothing more than a form of name calling that only effects those with thin skin. It does appear to stir their ilk...
  6. gone fishin'

    A teacher's response to Tucker's comments about cameras in every classroom (public schools, of course)

    I realize that he's making a lot of $$$, but perhaps one day he'll realize that he's the dumba** broadcasting misinformation. Wishful thinking; I know.
  7. gone fishin'

    A teacher's response to Tucker's comments about cameras in every classroom (public schools, of course)

    I get your point but............ I've watched parts of TC's shows on occasion; just to try to get some sort of perspective, just to try to understand. To me, he's annoying. So, with that being said, I say forget the cameras and such; he just needs to stop passing out misinformation and go away.
  8. gone fishin'

    CPAC crowd cheers missing vaccination goal.

    I was disturbed by their actions, but not surprised at all. . That group is so far down the rabbit hole that there is no way back.
  9. gone fishin'

    Tucker Carlson the liar..

    Sideshow Tucker. "........and that's all I have to say about that."
  10. gone fishin'

    Democrats, you are creating room for Donald Trump

    Well of course..........nothing is DJT's fault! /S
  11. gone fishin'

    Donny Jr CPAC speech haha what a joke.

    I tried to watch...........only made it a couple of minutes. Jr is a joke. He should run for pres though; his platform could be "help me to pardon daddy."
  12. gone fishin'

    Not Getting Vaccinated is an Applause Line at CPAC Dallas

    The term "alternate facts" was once a running joke; it seems however to now be a reoccurring theme with the CPAC types.
  13. gone fishin'

    Sidney Powell lies and lies and is about to get called out AGAIN

    All of that lies and deceit that she pushed could not go w/o accountability. What I cannot understand is that she did not see this coming.
  14. gone fishin'

    Taliban say they now control 85% of Afghanistan's territory

    If we had stayed one year, ten years, or one hundred years; the end result would be the same. Multiple "empires" have passed through Afghanistan only to leave it the same as when they first arrived.
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