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    Greatest Military Genius Ever

    voted for hitler. Read Mein Kampf, the guy was brilliant, even if he didn't fully succeed in what he wanted. But his army did kill millions of jews, and thats a significant accomplishment for someone who "failed".
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    North Korea, Iran should they be allowed to have nuclear weapons?

    I think everyone should either a) get rid of all nukes or b) stop complaining about other countries having them. Solution A would cause problems, with people having 'secret nukes', and solution B isn't very safe. Either way, its a lose/lose situation for the world. Assuming that solution B...
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    I don't find the wars to be without a purpose, but I do feel that we were mislead in the reasons behind it. I mean, we would eventually have had to go save all the Iraqi's and afghan's at some point, but things should've been sorted out first. However, I do respect you for honoring those...
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    Mandatory, Nation Wide, I.Q. Tests!

    Er, no, they weren't online tests. They were test's I scheduled through my guidance counselor at my high school. I believe it was the same 'company' who made the two tests I took. To say that you can't learn how to learn is silly. Your mind develops with experience and through obtaining more...
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    My Opinion

    Justine: Wrong thread. Justice: Just because you don't hear of it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. And whether or not my views are old fashioned, they're true. It's not my fault you're oblivious to the truth.
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    My Opinion

    Er. I wasn't saying I would do them. I was throwing the situation out there, because regardless of how I stand on issues, other people don't care. They'll do whatever they want for a good time. How do you make someone have an abortion? There are a lot of ways. First off, most (and i say that...
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    why is gay marriage reffered to as the "gay marriage issue"

    Find an official document that declares seperation of church and state in any original documentation of this country, justice. That's right, there isn't one. The original quotation was of Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist Priest -Thomas Jefferson If you notice, he wasn't declaring a seperation, he...
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    why is gay marriage reffered to as the "gay marriage issue"

    First off, I interpretted the original post as 'why is it called an issue'. Issue isn't necessarily a bad thing. An issue is a topic in politics, a matter of discussion. Not only should some Christians love gay friends and family, but all Christians should. God told us to love everybody. He...
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    My Opinion

    that is, by far, the most stupid and irrational opinion i've ever heard. I want to kill somebody. Let's say I kill your mother, or your sister. Would you care? Let's say i want to go get drunk. Then, I decide to go driving around. Whoa whoa, i end up hitting a 13 year old girl riding a bike...
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    Good Evening..

    Hi. My name is Cory, but I go by 'geek' on about 8 forums, so we'll stick with that here as well. I've loved politics since I could understand it. I graduate from high school tomorrow, and turned 18 yesterday. I've taken two debate classes at school, and countless arguments via the internet. I...
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    Mandatory, Nation Wide, I.Q. Tests!

    Not necessarily, RightatNYU. IQ can go up over time, depending on the experiences in between. I took one when I was 16 and got 132. I took another one about 3 weeks ago, and I just turned 18 yesterday, and I got a 148. It's still in the same area.. but there is a significant difference.
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    politcs prep dumbass shits

    Wow. I don't know who to be disappointed in, lol. I'm with flip2 on this one.
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    Real ID = Reality.

    theres a link to the bill's information in my post. I guess i need to make it a little more obvious. <hates when designers don't make links obviously stand out> Can't go back and edit it. The word's "REAL ID" are linked in the first or second paragraph. Anyway, here's another link...
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    Did Biblical events really exist?

    After a quick google, I found this site: http://www.christiananswers.net/q-abr/abr-a009.html If you believe in God, as in the Holy Father of Jesus Christ, then you have no choice to believe that the words of the Bible are true.
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    Real ID = Reality.

    Passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate, with no problem at all, the issue of a national ID has become reality. The REAL ID establishes standards for states to give out driver's licenses. Why is everyone making such a big deal about it? I've read many articles bashing the...
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