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  1. foadi

    Escort Services.

    Escorts are too expensive in the US. Who in the hell wants to spend $500 for one hour? If prostitution is ever legalized, I think the borders should be open to lower costs.
  2. foadi

    Is It Finally Time to Break up the USA? [W:84]

    I've supported breaking up the US for a while. Hopefully it happens. Secessionist movements seem to be gaining traction all over the place right now. A very exciting time.
  3. foadi

    Any New Year's Resolutions?

    lose 100 lbs.
  4. foadi

    Would you be comfortable with your partner using a Sex Robot?

    as soon as completely realistic sex robots are available for under $100k I am going to buy one. will still see prostitutes, maybe not as much, i dunno.
  5. foadi

    What'd You Get For Christmas?

    new suitcase, new computer bag, and tickets to bt/kristina sky, and 3lau shows and some drugs
  6. foadi

    How many states have you been in?

    have worked in over 30, slept at least one night in over 40, and been to all 50
  7. foadi

    How many countries have you been in?

    Lived Mexico (born), USA (current), Thailand(cumulatively approx 6 years, but its usually in 3-9 month spurts), Cambodia, Hong Kong Visited Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, China, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India, Nepal, UAE, Jordan...
  8. foadi

    Trump Thank You Tour: Welcome?

    I would support it a lot more if it wasn't so ****ing cold outside. I ordered 1,000 tshirts specifically for the victory tour and they arrived a couple days ago. Next rally in wisconsin on tuesday it's supposed to be zero degrees outside, and i'd have to drive through a snow storm to get there...
  9. foadi

    Calm Political Thanksgivings?

    Didn't have Thanksgiving with family, had it with work colleagues. I don't believe politics came up, aside from my pitch to a few of them to work the Trump victory tour with me.
  10. foadi

    Why don't you move to Europe?

    A lot of them seem to do the perpetual traveller thing.
  11. foadi

    Why don't you move to Europe?

    Libertarians talk about voting with their feet all the time. Go to Anarchapulco next February and I will guarantee you will see plenty of them.
  12. foadi

    Trump planning 'victory tour' of states he won

    "Special Snowflakes" seems to be gaining traction. Maybe something along the lines of "A generation of Snowflakes, triggered on Nov 8th, 2016" but more catchy.
  13. foadi

    Trump planning 'victory tour' of states he won

    Can't. Their price is $22. Don't see any discounts for bulk orders. Need to keep unit costs below $5 if I want to make a decent profit, especially for shirts (you're always left with a bunch of odd sized inventory that's difficult to sell).
  14. foadi

    Trump planning 'victory tour' of states he won

    **** yeah. That **** would sell great. Might be expensive to print, though :( Usually try to keep it simple. Some other good ones anyone know how to photoshop Trump's face on here?
  15. foadi

    Trump planning 'victory tour' of states he won

    LOL. I suspect selling food wouldn't go over very well. Since I didn't want to deal with a massive inventory this year, instead of setting up a booth and competing with others (who always had better quality) I usually just worked the line and focused on "make america geat again" and "hillary...
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