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  • Thanks for the note my friend. I have been back in the States since the last week of Nov.. I was on leave and I am doing just fine my friend.
    I appreciate very much your note and your friendship. :)
    Have a great week!!
    Normally the Chocolate thunder would never add a ninja to his Friends list being the pirate that he is. Since you are a fluffy ninja, I have decided to take advantage of the fluffy goodness. :mrgreen:
    I've been fine- thanks for asking!:D Exciting about your new educational pursuits- best of luck, and hang in there- you'll never regret it.
    Thanks. Some days I feel 21, others.. I feel 80. lol What sucks is when your mind is more than willing and your body screams, "I don't think so, you idiot!". Reality. What a bitch. 40 isn't so bad... I didn't quit counting. Maybe at 50.... ;)
    You know, I didn't have an appreciation for history until about 10 years ago. When I was younger, I slept during most history lessons. Now, I love it. Amazing what a difference age makes in some things. :)
    Ah, things are good. I am waiting for autumn to hit. It's still been in the 80s here! :( Who knows, next week we'll have six foot of snow on the ground. Did I read somewhere that you teach history?
    Well, thank you for the kind remarks and I hope your son continues to explore his artistic endeavors! I'm glad to be added as a friend and I do look forward to intriguing future discussions. BTW, I have two lovely children of my own - daughters - who could care less about art or "Dad's crazy hobbies." LOL One wants to be a dancer, the other a cheer leader :) At least my youngest still enjoys fishing with dear ol Dad - maybe there's still hope. Take care, and thanks again.

    My son likes making up little cartoon strips/stories now. He's pretty good at it, maybe it will lead him into something later on down the road. If not, it's something he enjoys.

    I do wish I had a knack for picking out original usernames though. I come across one every once in awhile (like yours) and I think, "Now why couldn't I have come up with something that unique!?" :)
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