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  1. Erod

    [W:40] Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh dies after battle with lung cancer

    Wow, you deserve a horribly painful death. I can't imagine how deeply mentally ill you are. Rush saw the intricacies of the world and could explain it like nobody else ever has. One of the greatest Americans to ever live.
  2. Erod

    Revealed: Trump campaign strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from voting in 2016

    Trump is polling at 21% among black Americans, and it's freaking the left out. Desperate hail mary attempts to scare them back onto the plantation.
  3. Erod

    Trump's message to the Proud boy's and white supremacists...

    This is bogus. Meanwhile, the left completely and totally supports the actions of Antifa and China. Never a disparaging word said about them on the MSM or by Democrat candidates ever. People see right through this.
  4. Erod

    Breonna Taylor shooting: Fired Louisville officer indicted on criminal charges

    Don't hang around thugs, and you'll be fine. This is the same woman whom they found a dead body in a car she rented. LOL
  5. Erod

    Breonna Taylor shooting: Fired Louisville officer indicted on criminal charges

    Typical liberal ignoring all the facts of the case. No officer should have been charged with anything here. She was not in bed. She was standing in the hall next to a man with a gun who shot at the police first. Open and shut case. The cops did nothing wrong.
  6. Erod

    The Implosion of the New York Times

    And there are no non-thinking followers like Antifa non-thinking followers.
  7. Erod

    The Implosion of the New York Times

    No he's not. That sham is as valid as Baghdad Bob claiming Iraq was winning the war.
  8. Erod

    Ginsburg's last wish was to 'not be replaced until a new president is installed': report

    From a socialist.....read a book and stop repeating your disasters.
  9. Erod

    Ginsburg's last wish was to 'not be replaced until a new president is installed': report

    Great. They can add 10 judges. Then we the GOP takes over, we'll add 100. Soon, it will make the House look like a small dinner party. We've got the votes. They're getting another judge, and it'll be 6-3. Then Trump wins, and we'll replace one more when Breyer retires, which he wants to...
  10. Erod

    Covid-19 "genetically engineered to target humans"

    If true, the follow up retaliation should be the annihilation of China.
  11. Erod

    Health and Human Services spokesman warns of an armed insurrection after the election

    Trump's support from black Americans is at 20% and rapidly rising. Hispanics are at 35% for Trump. This is YOUR problem. Your party is losing its favorite play, and they're willing to destroy America to try and get it back. Too late.
  12. Erod

    Speaker Pelosi calls salon visit a ‘setup,’ refuses to apologize

    So, Nancy, does this mean we can vote in person after all?
  13. Erod

    Police-involved shooting in Wisconsin prompts violent protest: report

    Child rapist fighting and running from the cops with a knife in his hand trying to get to a gun in his car gets shot. Liberals blame the cops. All you need to know. Dude deserved worse than getting shot.
  14. Erod

    Biden Snaps At Question On Cognitive Test, Likens It To Asking Reporter If He's A Junkie

    And this. https://twitter.com/TrumpWarRoom/status/1290971428813242368?s=19
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