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  • Just to let anyone know, I'm probably not going to be on here anymore. This site has become a liberal echo-chamber at this point. There are conservatives on here, but most of them aren't even really conservative. They're more or less right-wing liberals. It may be controversial, but thats what I feel. I go on here less and less as time progresses. Otherwise, to all of DP, godspeed.
    Casca XV
    Appeal to Authority is the lowest form of debate. Assigning that Authority a Leftist Moms Basement Dweller writing articles for a Soros Funded so-called News site is pure retardation. That is what Most of the Leftist/Liberals on this forum do.
    It's frustrating when you can't get people to see things your way - especially if your way includes praising what trump has done to this country in any way. Safe travels to you!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Awesome! I've been great. Just getting through college. Can't wait for the weekend. Gonna have a lot of fun!
    It's alright. I'm a strong girl. It just sucks that my memory from last night is spotty. I don't even remember doing the countdown :lol:
    Just an FYI, I can't see the messages you send me if you post them on your own visitor's page. You have to post it on mine.
    I've been going out a whole lot more since I've been in college. I'm usually not in my dorm very often.
    I hate it when people on this forum that are more left-leaning complain when I generalize about their side, but will happily generalize about my side.
    I don't think most Trump voters are racist. He ran a feigned populist campaign on certain issues like NAFTA reform, etc. I think there is valid reasons for why people voted for him. Of course there were racists that did vote for Trump, but do I think that the majority of the voting base is racist? Absolutely not.
    I've never liked Trump. He just puts a bad taste in my mouth. When Bernie Sanders lost the primaries, I was so mad that I was thinking of voting for Trump for a little while, but then I was like "Nah, that's gonna be just as bad". So I just voted Green Party instead. I got some **** for that because I helped 'hand' Trump the election because of it, but I stand by my vote. Hillary Clinton sucked, in pretty much every category, and I wasn't going to support such a corrupt candidate, who I know clearly does not give a **** about anything but herself. But whatever. I've agreed with some things the Trump admin. has done, but most are very minor at best.
    Everyone is. Nobody's perfect. But as long as you learn from your mistakes, and realise that broad-brushing tactics are not the way to go when trying to have a rational discussion about politics, then you'll be better off.
    Thanks. I've been constantly railing against the ridiculous left-wing partisans on here who try to portray all conservatives as pure, inhuman scum. it's stupid. And it's just as stupid as the right-wing partisans who do the same thing to liberals, which I also am against. I'm just trying to inject a bit more impartiality into the discussion. I have my own biases, and I'm not perfect, but I do try to float above the political mudpit that most people seem to have thrown themselves in nowadays.
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