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  • I liked your Vietnam War post a few minutes back. It amazes me how some people still think the US "won" in Vietnam because we won every tactical engagement. I've explained to apdst numerous times that winning more battles doesn't mean you win the war, because battles are won at the tactical level while wars are won at the strategic and political level, and winning battles doesn't necessarily mean you win the war. Any successful war strategy MUST take domestic politics into account. Amazing how an individual who claims to have read Clausewitz and is a military history enthusiast fails to grasp this concept.
    I posted a thread in the basement, based solely on your first post in Scarecrows muslim president thread, let me just say, that, that was one of the most brilliant posts I've ever seen at DP. Truly masterful satire sir.

    Thread name btw is "The Truth About Obama" in the Dungeon.
    Thanks y'all.

    It's cool to see that even people I'm vigorously disagreeing with are befriending me here. That's a good sign. Doesn't always happen.
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