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    [W:40] Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh dies after battle with lung cancer

    The world is now a slightly better place. There are people worth mourning when they pass, Rush wasn't one of them. All of you claiming that the left are mindless haters are projecting. There are too many reasons to list why I despise this man and his legacy. His words have caused so much hate...
  2. Dogger807

    Will Trump Succeed in Stealing the Election?

    Yeah, there are several things that will happen before that evidence is presented. 1) We'll finally be shown evidence confirming the existence of god. 2) They'll find a breeding pair of crumbled horned snorkacks. 3) Trump will willingly show his taxes. Obviously, all of these more likely...
  3. Dogger807

    Should atheists, agnostics and non-Christians be required to swear an oath to God?

    Once again rapid territory marking christians are attempting to pee on the carpet. No matter how many times they get whacked by the Constitution, they never learn.
  4. Dogger807

    Will President Trump survive covid-19?

    Maybe they should inject him with bleach just to be sure.
  5. Dogger807

    Trump loses: how long before Trump files bankruptcy?

    His assets are irrelevant, before his last day in office he is going to take a trip to Russia and not come back. His has worked constantly to advance their interests and undermine ours.
  6. Dogger807

    [W:806]Trump might not have been wrong about "Internal Disinfectants" after all.

    re: [W:806]Trump might not have been wrong about "Internal Disinfectants" after all. The only benefit that you would receive from taking medical advice from Trump would be having your name put in the running for one of this year's Darwin Awards.
  7. Dogger807

    Are we all agreed that Mulvaney will be sacrificed next?

    Yup that would be the smart thing to do...... You give him credit for being more intelligence than I would.
  8. Dogger807

    Trump’s acting chief of staff admits it: There was a Ukraine quid pro quo

    I'd just like to remind everyone that asking a foreign government to aid in a campaign is illegal. The whole quid pro quo is just a smoke screen that is blowing up in corrupt Trump's face.
  9. Dogger807

    Should Congress investigate Biden/Biden's son/Ukraine/Trump?

    You ever notice that the republican response to being caught with their hand in the cookie jar is to immediately say "Look what he did was worse" and 90% of the time it's a lie.
  10. Dogger807

    61% of Pennsylvania Voters Want To Dump Trump For A New President

    I suppose it would be wise to see what lies FOX is spinning just to better understand the detachment from reality that is so prevalent from those on the right. I just need to get some pepto bismal first.
  11. Dogger807

    What should we do about immigrants who want to come to our country illegally?

    Treat them humanly and not accept any excuse for the deliberate atrocities currently being committed.
  12. Dogger807

    Redeeming Trump Qualities.

    Redeeming qualities? ..... he doesn't drink. Biggest flaws, he has isolated us from all of our closest allies and is in bed with our worst rivals all in the name of profit. Remember, the government that is our biggest advisory on the political stage want him to remain president. If the right...
  13. Dogger807

    Trump vows 'very long' government shutdown over border wall

    Trump is deliberately ruining our alliances and doing damage to our country. He is obviously doing as much sabotage as he can get away with before the Dems control the house. He and his family will be in Russia by January, with no intention of ever coming back.
  14. Dogger807

    Brett Kavanaugh and pals accused of gang rapes in high school, says lawyer Michael Avenatti

    The claim of evidence has been repeated too many times. I'll wager money that they have a video.
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