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  • I was just gonna hit your VM's tonight, hoping you would be around and here you are! :) Excellent posts!
    Thanks Binky, it seems at times my taste are off the wall but I do truly love all forms and taste in music from here ever. Keep posting I also enjoy your music;)
    I am glad that you were able to fix your computer my friend and I wish you a great week.

    sorry it's getting so heated in that thread.

    I mean no disrespect, it's just an issue I am very passionate about.

    You're still one of my favorite "very conservatives: :D
    I have a wide variety of interests as well and just refer to myself as having eclectic tastes. That's a lovely sentiment. :)
    Thanks for the swimming 'kitties'. :D Never knew felines EVER liked the water enough to do that. I guess the chance to get a treat took care of any hesistation for getting wet. :lol:
    Me too as well, I try to be friends with people who are civil and sensible in their arguments regardless of disagreements in ideology. On a personal note, are you currently serving in the Corps?
    hey Delta, What's hapenin'? Good to see you again. Yeah I had/have a problem with Capn' Courtesy. As far as I am concerned is a dick head, know it all, and thinks in his own arrogance that he is always right...I'll be looking for ways to bring him down a peg or two.....heh, heh....
    I wanted to welcome you to DP.

    I spotted right away that you are (or were) a Cannon Cocker with the 3rd MarDiv. I have some happy memories myself, back when I was at Camp Schwab many many moons ago (last time was 1990).

    Yea, am a 10 year Jar Head myself (0311), currently doing pennance in the Army until I can get enough time in to retire. And it is always nice to see both a fellow Marine, but somebody that actually has a clue of what is going on in here (which you will learn is damned rare).

    Look forward to seeing your posts. :)
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