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  • Well it is good that we can disagree but yet find something good in the others posts. It is nice to meet you by the way. My name is Delores (Del) is what people call me.
    Your alias and posts reminded me of someone else. :) So I was curious. I didn't even realize there were gaming forums. What do people discuss there? (obviously gaming, but what is there to debate? Or is it simply informative?)
    lol yeah i guess thats why im here too. Its the only place people will listen and take you seriously outside of the usual circle of friends. take care.
    haha its okay dav my pleasure :p
    Yeah theres only a couple of months difference between you and i (im a leo, August). What brings you here anyway?
    i like alot of your political views and well since your basically the same age as me thought id be your first friend :p
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