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  • There was very little unit cohesion with guys coming in and out all the time. And there was alot tension especially off duty in base camp because guys split into groups including potheads, boozers, abstainers, volunteers, draftees.... and of course race was an issue because of the disproportioatly high numbers of minorities. In the barracks and large bunkers...different music and and methods of relaxation frequently clashed and even resulted in some guys getting killed and wounded under questionable circumstances. Not to mention all the officers and NCO's who got fragged. I guess you still have some of those problems but not between draftees and Volunteered. There were some who actually put the volunteers most often on point because "they asked for it" so we'll give nit to them.

    We don't have any reunions because we only knew somone for a few mos at most. Those who arrived near the same time as you... were normaly the ones you disliked the most. LOL.
    1. I saw a few dog handlers but we didn't have any attched to our company. Hardly saw any dogs among vietnam civilians because they ate them. I belong to DAV and get most of my vet to vet contacts at our local "vet center" ot at vet clinic.

    Our situation was different than yours since [during my time] many of us were drafted and didn't deploy together after training as a unit in the states. When my time came... All newly assigned grunts in country were simply replacements for those who had just left. For the first couple of mos those new to a squad or platoon were called FNG... and were avoided like the plague because they didn't know **** and could & would get people killed unnecessarily. So by the time you proved you were dependable and started making friends... many had either finished their tour or worse. There was a general attitude of it's best to not get close to anyone.... continued
    well am a War Dog (K-9 Handler) I know the Dogs were use a lot in Nam. You have any experience with the Dogs of Vietnam. Being in Afghanistan for 9 months was originally a 6 month tour but I volunteer to extend. Kinda got jep though my dog got set back and they gave me a desk job. Am in the Hemland province Camp Leatherneck. Am Currently working of my reenlistment package. Currently single and not looking for anyone right now. My actually experience here for the most part I don't like talking about ( lost some good friends). So are you part of any Vet groups like the VFW ( thinking of joining.) Good hear that they are taking care of the vets and there kids. I find out that I have more in common with fellow vets then I do Civilians. Hooah Solider. =)
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