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    Where is America's soul

    1. We are now discussing how far we can go in torturing people and stay within acceptable practices. -- "torturing"...hmm, there are some very "liberal" definitions of torture out there. Firstly, we are talking about foreign combatants, members of organizations that wish to do harm to American...
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    So Allen has some Jewish ancestry

    "violating the constitution"........I'd like to know which president since Grover Cleveland has NOT supported some violations of the constitution. The federal gov't has been extending its power since the time of Lincoln, and in ways that have James Madison and other founding fathers spinning in...
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    Islamophobic Rhetoric Endangers Muslim-Americans

    Of all the reasons that Muslims in America are being “mistreated” or shunned, I think that conservative talk radio is among the least important. Let’s take two events and compare them. First, Michael Savage makes multiple references to Islamofascists on his radio program, and even calls for...
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    So Allen has some Jewish ancestry

    The whole thing is silly and insignificant. If he's Jewish, so what? If he doesn't wish to talk about being Jewish, so what? If he has used perjoratives in school, so what? If he owns a confederate flag, so what? I'd like to know how many of our past presidents HAVE NOT used racially-tinged...
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    Bowl Championship Series BS

    http://cobbtown.comThe latest governmental overreach concerns college football. That's right; our political representatives in Washington DC want to get seriously involved in a game played by college kids. The United States Congress wants to interject politics into the National Collegiate...
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    Turban Durbin

    His name is Richard (****) Durbin!!!! Why is it blocked in my message????
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    Rove Rage

    Regarding the connection of "covert" and "well known", please follow the logic: Karl Rove is accused of "outing" a covert agent. However, it wasn't news to anyone travelling in their circles that this lady worked for the CIA. Her work as a covert op was a different story. Supporters of Karl...
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    Rove Rage

    What is the big deal? Did an administration bigwig and leading neocon philosopher, Karl Rove, give up the name of a covert CIA agent? Is it possible that this is another liberal attempt to bring down the Bush II administration by any means, much like they tried with Bush Sr. and Reagan? My...
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    Turban Durbin

    Has **** Durbin any shame? Though he repeatedly claims that he does not want Supreme Court nominee, John Roberts, to tell the world in explicit terms that he would negate Roe v Wade, he stated that he wants to know how Roberts feels about a Constitutional “right to privacy” and peripheral...
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    London on Fire

    The attacks on the mass transit system in London threaten to unleash explosions much greater than the ones that killed more than 50 innocent people. London police have accidentally put seven bullets into the brainpan of a seemingly innocent rider of the Tube. Immediately following the attacks...
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    British Resolve

    The Brits are carrying out investigations and cleaning up the mess in the aftermath of terror attacks on mass transit systems in London. The death toll has risen over the last few days and stands at 49. What will be the impact on British foreign policy? Unlike Spain, which suffered a similar...
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    Conservative Litmus Test

    Many conservatives have forgiven or ignored Shrub’s liberal, multicultural and globalist tendencies over the last four years. The GOP faithful looked the other way as W wiped his well-heeled Patriot Act boots on the Bill of Rights because America was at war. Fiscally conservative Republicans...
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