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  1. Cisero

    Age of Ascent

    I'm 25 now and I sure hope my brain isn't done developing.
  2. Cisero

    The French go OTT on the Champs Elysees

    The photo is real, the whale is fake. It's an art exhibit in the Philippines meant to bring attention to the disastrous state of our oceans.
  3. Cisero

    I had a strange dream

    Holy ****ing ****
  4. Cisero

    Hillary Clinton: Ex-aide says she WILL return for 2020 presidential election

    Absolutely. Then again, Shia LaBoeuf has a higher chance of winning vs Trump than Clinton.
  5. Cisero

    I had a strange dream

    Oh really ? We couldn't tell.
  6. Cisero

    Move Election Day To A Saturday!!!

    In Switzerland, election day is a Sunday. Government employees work on those Sundays. A lot of the people counting the ballots are volunteers (random checks are done in order to prevent cheating).
  7. Cisero

    The American civil war didn't end. And Trump is a Confederate president

    I'm from California, living in Switzerland. See, this is precisely the kind of mentality that makes americans seem pretentious and arrogant. Is it so impossible for you to realize that not everybody absolutely venerates the United States ? Don't get me wrong, I love my country. But the USA...
  8. Cisero

    The American civil war didn't end. And Trump is a Confederate president

    I've been living in Europe for a quarter century, nobody is jealous of the United States. American "hatred" is actually a thing. So I don't know who you spoke to, but that's not at all the vibe I have.
  9. Cisero

    America is Back!

    Link to commercial please. As it stands we don't have a single clue of the context. Was it a democrat add ? A republican add ? What were the arguments behind the "America is back" sentense ? Context please.
  10. Cisero

    Exclusive: Trump to terminate birthright citizenship

    It will be hard to get this passed. However, even though I'm a liberal, I agree that kirthright citizenship isn't really logical. To me, a citizenship should mean that you're an integrated member of the culture and the country. Here in Switzerland, you have to live in the country a minimum of...
  11. Cisero

    Clinton teases interviewer who confused Holder and Booker: 'They all look alike'

    Article Source Excerpt : I sure wish Clinton would realise that she is not helping at all. If she wishes to help the democratic party win seats come tuesday, I suggest she pour herself a margarita, kick back, and chill. She's done enough.
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