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    Hey katie. Long time no see. Happy New Year.

    Hey katie. Long time no see. Happy New Year.
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    Is the government really that intrusive?

    Wow! Very well said. Government is necessary to protect the people from each other. From other government, from business and from other people. Its a sure thing that business won't do it.
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    Is the government really that intrusive?

    Gee, can't just hide it? Why would a real gun-totin US male wanna hide his gun anyway?
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    Arizona Rancher Will Fight Court Order To Pay Damages to illegals.

    Talk is too cheap on the Internet, so go ahead and try your luck in real life. Don't bet the ranch on it like the guy in Az.
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    Judge Convicted for Jailing Juveniles to "Jail for Profit" Prisons

    But only after being found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by an independent and impartial judge.
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    Is Judaic Monotheism Detrimental to Society?

    Agreed. What makes you think that "we" on what we call "Earth" are the only ones? That's quite the magnificent intellect, isn't it? Sorry, but I lost the meaning of the last half of the sentence. Neither do I. A great many theologians from all faiths agree. That is one of the great...
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    In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council

    You mean like that senile old fool Reagan?
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    Prescott Bush, Banker to the Nazi's

    His heirs have no better morality than he did. They are widely considered war criminals.
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    Has the World Population Grown in Morality?

    But still a long way to go. In the main the leaders are still self-righteous about others and scandalous in their personal lives.
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    Can a man and a woman be JUST friends?

    It sounds to me like she is falling back on the age old feminine wiles of semantics and guilt. She is overpowering you while leaving her options open. I think you have two choices. The strongest position is simply to say 'bye bye for now, call me when you decide what you want'. Its the...
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    Can a man and a woman be JUST friends?

    NP's post is sensible. It all depends on what is happening.
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    Do You Trust Computer Voting Machines ?

    Disagree. It is too simp[le to program a chip to count a predetermined ratio of x versus y and then to unprogram itself and hide the changes whenever you tell it to - ie 5 minutes before quitting when the damage has been done.
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    Which Country is the most Attractive?

    Using that kind of logic nobody is "pure bred".
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