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    God Has No Place In Politics

    Your comparing a feeling towards another human being to things that cause harm to human beings like incest? Wow, you've stooped to the lowest.
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    Without God, there are no inalienable rights

    That shouldn't all be aloud to be in the same post.
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    Amazon selling pedophile guide

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-V8D7jUqe4A&feature=sub You guys just need to understand dem pedophiles better.
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    Does Christine Odonnel represent your views?

    Proof:Youtube - Proof That The TEA Party IS NOT Racist! Seems like what's going on on this forum.
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    How did Palin backed candidates do? Pretty good according to CBS News

    Hmm, It's not really a big deal that you guys won the house. It's all due to bad timing and brain washing that you guys won anything. It will all be controlled by democrats again soon enough.
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    A video about the media and all around political jousting going on

    Now how can be President Obama be a Nazi? Conservatives say he is a communist.
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    Thanks for the memories Pelosi

    I HAVE TO AGREE.... not I would say the same for Christine O'Donnell(proven witch), but once a stupid conservative like that loses they might attempt to come back stronger.
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    Jan Brewer beheads illegals?!?!?

    If she was here 100 years ago and Governor in any state I would feel sorry for half of the American white race.
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    What a "crappy" thing to do.

    Ehh it's only freshman.
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    6 months later, McDonald's happy meal 'turns into plastic'

    My parents are scared for me to eat fast food and I don't even live with them. Thanks for posting this. Showed this to my mom she laughed so hard.
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    Christine O'Donnell wrongful spending of campaign cash?

    It's pure evil an extreme form of hypocrisy.
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    For any person to own healtcare is evil?

    Well I watching CNN a while back an I heard Michael Moore say something that really stuck in my head for a while. I don't remember the exact quote but it had something to do with my title. Would you guys agree with this quote?
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    Christine O'Donnell claims she studied at Oxford

    To help build roads, keep death rates down, make sure oil leaks don't happen again, and make sure humans have benefecial working rights. It seems as you don't like individual rights.
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