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  • We almost Named my daughter Cassandra, we changed to Willow at the very least second, literally, she had just taken her first breath.
    Hi Cassandra, You haven't stop by the Maine group lately you should see someof the Vids jack and I put up :mrgreen::2wave:
    Awww, I hear ya. She did hate that all her relatives were out of state.
    Did you join the Wanderers? I am showing off Acadia pictures in the Tiki Bar :mrgreen:
    Heya ... yea, health care has been my interest too, altho I've been trying to stay out of most of the threads for fear of alienating the whole forum ;). My daughter just turned 19 in June, she just finished her first year of college (in Vermont). She was just a year plus when we moved here too! They're both still 'from away', right? LOL
    friending the Mainiacs! :mrgreen: :2wave: But, you're already on my bud list, so I'm just dropping by to say 'HI!'.... :)
    Yea. Presque Isle is about 10-12 miles from Canada, as the crow flies. If you ever get the chance to come up this way you'll realize why they say there are 2 Maines. It's mostly farming communities up here with a lot of wide open fields. If you were to talk to someone up here you would notice our lingo isn't the same as down your way. We don't have the downeast accent.
    Ok, I remember you now, though I didn't know you were from Maine either.lol. It's always great to connect with other folks from Maine on these forums. I believe there are about 6 of us here now. I'm up in the Presque Isle area of Aroostook County. Everyone else is from southern Maine.

    I still post on PF occasionally, but when some of the posters I had befriended there got the boot I sort of tagged along. There are a lot of former PF posters here so you'll see a lot of familiar names pop up in discussions. There's even a user group here, PF Refugees, with a lot of posters you probably know.
    Hey, have you been to Lita's Tiki Bar?

    You go to your User CP, and select 'Group Memberships' (different than 'Social Groups'), and then select to join 'The Wanderers'. That will give you access to The Tavern forums, where you can find Lita's Tiki Bar thread :)
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