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    Glenn Beck is amazing

    I think Glenn Beck gets some of the best story's out there, however I kind of hate him. He lets the public in on just a squeeze of the the truth (more that any other media source) and then he denies other probable things or uses the truths and story's he has shown to advocate other ideas that...
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    Should people who pay no income tax be allowed to vote?

    This is the most ridiculous argument. Any US citizen who is not a felon can vote. Any US citizen who is not incarcerated should be able to vote. (yes I believe that should include people who received a felony but did their time)
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    What should come first regarding the Federal Budget?

    I think both sides would appreciate this approach
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    Biggest Jerk of the Week

    Thats ridiculous. There are no laws against this sort of thing?
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    What should come first regarding the Federal Budget?

    Stimulus Plans will not bring the economy back. Look at the difference between the 1920's depression that ended so quickly and the Great depression that was dragged out for so long. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. The economy...
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    I support Israel, and you?

    Israel is our closest friend in the middle east. Although in my opinion both sides are right, in their own ways, when it comes to the struggle between Palestine and Israel, we need to be supportive of Israel for a number of reasons. First and foremost is that support towards Israel, be it arms...
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    State your position

    i guess so, however late stage abortions are killing more than a cluster of cells. Is it humane to anesthetize and kill a one year old? When one decides to have sex, certain responsabilities come with that. If one knows that they had un protected sex, they should know to check if they are...
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    State your position

    In my opinion, I believe abortion is wrong. I fetus is not a part of a woman's body, it is a separate organism dependent on a woman's body. It has its own genes, different DNA means a different being, simple as that. With that said, my view is that people need to have the right to have an...
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    Tea Party Movement

    Exactly, I don't support Obama but I completely disagree that he won because he is black. Although that may appeal to some americans, he won because he is an eloquent speaker and knows how to stir people. Plus, he is only half black, half white, and grew up in a white home is hawaii...
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    The Worst Presidents Of All-Time

    While I agree with you that he had some positive policys and certaintly made an attempt to improve labor conditions, I dissagree with much more of what he did as president that I agree with. As with any politician he had his pros and cons in my opinion, however even though I consider myself an...
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    The Worst Presidents Of All-Time

    Not to sound Beck-ish, but in my opinion Woodrow Wilson was probably the most extreme progressive to take power in this country with possibly the exception of FDR. He inflated the power of the federal government to an extreme point, used propaganda to an incredible extent, read private telegrams...
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    The Worst Presidents Of All-Time

    Woodrow Wilson without a doubt
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    When idiots attack

    This whole incidental was really wrong. No one should have ever gone on the mans property without his permission and the local authorities should have arrested any of the protesters that did for trespassing.
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    The Glenn Beck Boycott Gaining Traction - FOX News Losing Money

    I find it ironic that you feel so defensive over the word ignorant, when I was responding to "I have more respect for a crack whore than I do for Beck". I'm sorry that I'm new to the threads but just because you've spent more time online filling out blogs, your views are not in any way less...
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    Pelosi blames Bush administration for BP oil spill

    Pelosi is my least favorite politician on the planet.
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