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Burning Giraffe
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  • Heh, there are forums for just about anything. Yes, there's debate there too, people can form strong opinions on video-game-related subjects. To an outsider it probably seems pretty silly.
    This is actually my first purely political forum, all the others I've joined have been gaming ones. Why do you ask?
    I don't miss political hotwire at all. It became a complete joke. I spent some time over at Democracy Forums, which was pretty decent. I tried about about ten or eleven others, until settling down over at AWE (Argue With Everyone). It is not moderated, and its drawn the most vile bigots from around the net. However, it has also drawn some very interesting individuals who make the place kind of exciting. This forum, seems great. Plenty of intelligent people, not a lot of meaningless babble or argument.
    You were at political hotwire. I am Inkslingers old nemisis joebobkc aka killacommy. Man that forum sure went to ****. Welcome to Debate Politics. There are some good people here. A virtual cornucopia of political views. A plethora of knowledge if you will. I think you will like it here.
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