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  • Its because I was a visitor and posted on you message board boom, also notice that it doest get to you like a normal pm. Just click on your name and visit you board, also join DP boaters group if you want to.

    Man this s*** is even confusing me, i went and posted this on my message board before i realized it was in the wrong spot. :(
    Glad you made it here boom,I think you will enjoy posting here, the mods are pretty evenly balanced between conservative and libs, so not much going there.You had better be on your toes they are mostly youngsters here and they truly enjoy tripping someone up.

    Oh how come your aviator isn't jumping?We have plenty of animated aviators here, as a matter of fact we have a conservative poster, i believe his name is texmaster with what looks like rats driving around bobbing there heads bobbing up and down.Of course him being a conservative they could as easily be lemmings looking for a cliff to drive off of. :)
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