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    A serious question for my friends from the left in this forum

    It may be fair to argue that Clinton was slow to respond to the emerging Al Qaeda threat. However, he did figure it out in time to foil the millenium bomb plot, and to warn the incoming administration that Al Qaeda would be one of the most serious problems they would face. Question is, why was...
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    A few words of wisdom from Paul Harvey

    The Intelligent Design movement is the equivalent of hiring a lawyer to counter Darwin. Your "when in Rome" argument has some merit, I wonder if it works both ways. This October, I've noticed heightened objection to the celebration of Halloween in our schools, shutting it down altogether in...
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    Bush Approves use of Torture

    Reading and comprehending the August 6th PDB would have gone a lot further towards preventing 9/11 than any torture they can cook up. There's always a better way.
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    Again... Why did we invade Iraq?

    As far as weening ourselves off of oil, if the war in Iraq never happened, the American people would care less about an alternate energy source. We've cared about it before...in the late 70s, there was a promising drive toward alternative energy, which ended when Reagan took office. More...
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    Again... Why did we invade Iraq?

    So we're back to weening ourselves off our oil addiction to resolve this mess. Do you suppose our national resources might have been better put to this purpose than this "sure, why not?" invasion?
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    Again... Why did we invade Iraq?

    That's because there's a finite number of people to send. Stretching our manpower to the breaking point, that's what I mean by "overcommitted." Makes it really difficult to do anything else we might want to, militarily.
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    Again... Why did we invade Iraq?

    Thanks for your honesty. "Because we felt like it" seems to be the heart of the matter.
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    Again... Why did we invade Iraq?

    It certainly does, for two reasons. One, as we've pointed out, the Saudis have us by the balls, and two, we are overcommitted in Iraq.
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    Again... Why did we invade Iraq?

    And we would be agreed there. Are you making the case that we attacked Iraq instead because we just HAD to attack SOMEBODY?
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    Again... Why did we invade Iraq?

    Sorry to tire you. It's true, we're in debt to them up to our eyeballs. I'll revert to my earlier point, the Iraq-Al Qaeda connection is a weak excuse at best.
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    Again... Why did we invade Iraq?

    Fair enough. Maybe we should just agree that whatever connection there may have been, it wasn't worth sending people to fight over. (You'd have to admit, Saudi Arabia's connection was much stronger.) Then we can move on to the other half-truths used to justify this fiasco.
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    Bush Fake News Ruled Illegal

    It's a pity Bush can't run again. "Innocent until proven guilty" would make a fantastic campaign slogan. It sums up so much about his time in office.
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    Again... Why did we invade Iraq?

    Or, as George Bush put it, "we've had no evidence that Saddam was involved with September the 11th."
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    Cindy, Cindy, Cindy!!!

    This seems a bit contradictory. If all they're worried about is power, then why would they both make such a politically stupid move? Could it be it isn't as stupid as it seems? If you represent a very large number of people (the majority of Americans? Beside the point.), then you've earned...
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