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  • TS is pretty much an open group.
    I didn't make it 'moderated' until the Bible-spouting, prosletyzer 'dadman' opted in.
    He's done that all over the board.
    If he vanishes I'll probably just make TS open again.

    We welcome you and your parrots to team science.
    Many years ago I had a wonderful Yellow Nape.
    I have a way with Parrots.. but you have to know how to approach them; not fingers first .. unless they have food in them.

    Have been thinking about perhaps an even more difficult but fun one-- a Green Wing Macaw-- or Hyacinth.
    I know what you mean about fidgeting! I often take my crochet hook and current project with me if I'm not taking books to study almost everywhere I go. Never know when you'll be held up somewhere unexpectedly. Quilting is really neat. I'd love to learn how so I can make one to hang on the wall. I've always admired the ones I've seen in other people's homes.
    I see that you're into knitting. Do you crochet as well? My Mom tried to teach me to knit when I was 7, but I was way too hyper and had much too short of an attention span to be able to get it back then. I did manage to teach myself to crochet a few years back, but haven't attempted knitting yet. My oldest daughter has been wanting to get into quilting, but I don't think she's had much time for it lately.
    LOL! I've heard that about the female Ekkies, too. Sounds like you've definitely got your hands full! We have a small zoo, though not all of the birds are with me. Right now, I've just got a Creamino Lovebird, a Recessive Pied American Budgie, and a Dominant Pied American Budgie. My oldest daughter has a Rose Breasted Cockatoo, a Senegal (used to be mine till he decided he hates me :(), a Dominant Pied American Budgie and a Cinnamon Pied Cockatiel. She works at a bird store, but will be quitting soon to go to school full time. My son has a Lutino Peachfaced Lovebird and just lost the last of the Australian Bourkes we had. My ex has a female Senegal that is seriously in love with him. :2razz:
    Yep! Was going to PM you and ask if you were into birds, too. Your avatar has had me wondering about that for a while and I've been meaning to contact you. I'm guessing yours is a sulfur-crested cockatoo? I should start a social group for procrastinators. :3oops:
    Yes I was perma banned. I think congratz should be in order. It is just a shame that the mods didn't seem to want advise of any kind.

    It is nice hearing from you. It always brings smiles to my face. You quilt? I am so jealous. I have always wanted to do that. I sew just about as well as I cook. It is dangerous when I have a needle and thread in hand.

    I hope you have your picnic and it doesn't get rained out. It looks like rain here this morning as well. I think it must have drizzled over night. No matter what the weather turns out, you have a lovely day. Hugs Del
    :) Thyroid's fine now. I take Levoxyl every day, but losing weight is still a struggle. At least I'm not gaining anymore, but I'm not losing either! :(

    It's actually raining here, but it's supposed to be a nice weekend for the wine festival I want to go to on Sunday.

    Hugs backatcha, dear!
    You are a sweety. I hope it is as beautiful and sunshiny by you as it is here. Hugs. I was reading at the refugees. My thyroid went the other way. It went hyper. That really sucked. I hope yours is under control now.
    Oh that is to bad. Well you will get it done. I am glad it is a nice day for you as well.
    It is going well thanks. It is a beautiful day in Chicago. I have all the windows open. I can smell the lake. It is fresh and nice.
    I put out the word that i was looking for him at PF after he was banned. I finally had someone message me with his E mail. I e mailed him and he arrived here. He's a great poster. I just loved his sense of humor.
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