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    Australia Bans Guns, Crime Rate Increases | Gun Control Fail

    The population of Scotland is 5.2 million, the population of Iceland is 319,000. That's a difference of 16 times. Even if you multiply the number of homicides in Iceland (1) by 16, 78-16 is 62. 62 homicides in a population of 5.2 million is not statistically significant.
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    Photo ID to vote?

    As far as the cost, even if a state makes IDs free, the documents required to get that ID (birth certificate, etc) are still not free. Unless these laws include a provision to make the supporting documents free, it creates an unreasonable burden.
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    Photo ID to vote?

    More importantly, how would requiring ID have prevented any of these problems? I am looking at my driver's license right now, and I can't find anywhere where it gives my immigration status or criminal history :p This simple fact should be obvious, but I guess it needs to be repeated: YOU...
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    Would you support a constitutional marriage amendment if circumstance were different?

    Re: Would you support a constitutional marriage amendment if circumstance were differ No. As a supporter of same-sex marriage in a state (Minnesota) where this issue will be on the ballot next year, I think it is inappropriate to use the constitution to advance policy issues. I believe this...
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    Teachers Having sex with Students Thread

    In most states (at least here in MN), if the age difference is below a certain number, it's not rape. I think it's 3 years here.
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    Your favorite fast food chain

    I would definitely say Chipotle.
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    How much and what should BP pay for as a result of the oil spill?

    All of the above plus criminal charges. They had illegally obtained permits to drill.
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    Phillies Fan Tasered - Good Move or Bad Move?

    6 or 7 security guards against 1 drunk fan. Using a weapon such as a taser was completely unnecessary.
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    Which do you think is an appropriate American "model city?"

    As someone who lives in the Minneapolis area (worst sprawl in the country) I would vote for Portland, Oregon. Their policy of basically drawing a ring around the city and banning development outside it has led to a flourishing downtown area and a great light rail system. Boston would be a...
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    Best 20th Century President

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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    Worst 20th Century President

    Ronald Reagan
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    Limits to Private Arsenals

    Where is the "none" option?
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    Do you object to gay couples adopting?

    I fully support the right of same sex couples to adopt. I voted the wrong way in the poll because I answered the thread topic's question instead of the poll's question.
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    Should Election Day Be Moved to April 16th?

    Election day should be on a weekend like every other democracy on earth.
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    Study: Insured cancer patients do better

    This is simply false. The two main reasons that health care costs so much is a. hospitals/drug companies can get away with charging so much and b. the overhead of insurance companies is insane. Hospitals/drug companies are able to charge what they do because none of the insurance companies has...
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