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  • Fair enough, I'm an actor, and my job is to get behind a persons emotions and feelings and understand at a fundamental level where they're coming from. This is done by the use of logic, and emotional projection.
    Yes, but while I use logic very much myself in everyday life, and am somewhat of an anti-religionist, science, religion, nor logic can explain why the universe exists and what in the same hell we're all doing here.

    That is why it takes something far beyond logic to truly understand the universe, it takes transcendence, a different level of thinking that quite frankly, none of us can achieve... yet.
    Logic is one variable of wisdom. Some things that happen in this world, and indeed in this universe cannot be explained within the confines of logic, therefore logic must be used simply as a tool in finding the truth, which is what I believe humanity seeks, even if sometimes they are misguided into A: What the truth actually is and B: The methods of achieving this goal.
    Welcome to Debate Politics! You might that a respect for logic can be a liability when it comes to the political discussions around here. But we always need more level headed types.
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