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  • My account is down while over seas, but I'll be happy to share my RealID when I return in a few months :) In the mean time I'm happy to offer any assistance I can here.
    A buddy just bought season 4 from iToons and is shared it with me. I'm waiting to watch it 'till another buddy comes back from leave.
    I understand. I also want to do something more clinically based too. I want to do clinical pharmacy specializing in oncology. The job entails going on rounds, collaborating with oncologists to design patient therapies, and administering the drugs/checking up on their progress. Pharmacy is very diverse. You can work for the VA essentially practicing as a physician and seeing patients for routine things (high bp, diabetes, etc). My other love is research, and I know I can do that with a PharmD as well.

    Go after your dreams and do what best suits you. Have you shadowed a NP or PA? Both fields are similar, but the educational routes are different. I think NPs have more independent authority, while PAs have less independent authority but wider ranges of practice. Have you considered medical school?
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