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    Whos a better chance at winning the swing states? Republicans or Democrats?

    What Republican and Democrat nominees? Trump or Cruz vs Sanders or Hillary?
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    Why Is Donald Trump a Patsy for Vladimir Putin?

    Putin is cool. I'd love to see Trump win and the US and Russia restore a friendship, maybe even becomes new found allies. That would be awesome. So freaken awesome.
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    A Centrist's Take On Guns [W: #282]

    Federal law is absolutist. Like I said, if you can own a gun you can own any gun you want, if not then you get none. That's BS, and in my opinion unconstitutional. Once you go to prison, serve your time, finish parol/your debt to society you should be able to protect your family, go hunting, all...
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    Are only white people in the US capable of racism?

    There are people who voted... yes??? Trolling right?
  5. 45223

    Does the NBA Need More White Players?

    If universities, states, nations, etc. "need" more non-whites, then places with mostly non-whites "need" more whites is how I look at it. Either do it fair for both sides or don't do it at all.
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    How Dangerous Is Homosexuality To A Society?***W:2441***

    Re: How Dangerous Is Homosexuality To A Society? If you mean free will/choice then sure yeah. There is a very common misconception out there about this topic. There are two factors to look at. 1) We can control our actions. 2) We can't control what we like or dislike. So yes, we can control...
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    A Centrist's Take On Guns [W: #282]

    How much would it reduce it? I don't think very much. I'm willing to bet most people who accidentally shoot themselves or others probably aren't even supposed to have a gun. I'm imagining the gang bangers who stick guns in their saggy pants who shoot their balls off. Others from kids who get a...
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    A Centrist's Take On Guns [W: #282]

    Yes it's the right of the people to bear arms. But who gets to have this right? Everyone? Would we let violent felons or dangerously mentally ill people own guns? The current system os so absolutist. It's basically either you can own a gun, any gun you want, or you permanently can never own...
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    When Bernie defects...

    Bernie wouldn't be who I thought he was.
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    Idk what political affiliation I am. I agree with more topics that liberals support than I do topics conservatives support... but the few topics that conservatives support I feel more strongly about.
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    Why is there so much outrage over Trump's immigration stance?

    i have no idea. you can't just go to mexico, or france without their consent and think nothing will bad will happen to you
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    How Dangerous Is Homosexuality To A Society?***W:2441***

    Re: How Dangerous Is Homosexuality To A Society? One word... Evolution... Let them screw each other why do I care? Marry too I don't care. Now I don't think the federal government should even be involved in this. States that want to ban it, let them, states that don't, let them. Only thing the...
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    What is your philosophy regarding the U.S. Constitution?

    It should be set in stone. Our freedoms are non-negotiable. Down with the ten commandments (not really so no one be offended) and up with the constitution. I hate the idea that we could just vote away our freedoms. Now stuff like... idk say the 27th amendment. Those yeah amend away I don't...
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    Should all States implement mandatory (2 weeks) vacation minimums-Stat holidays – mat

    Re: Should all States implement mandatory (2 weeks) vacation minimums-Stat holidays – Where is the I'm not sure option?
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    A Centrist's Take On Guns [W: #282]

    Let's see... Licensing. Nope, don't agree with that at all. You're trying to reduce death right? That's not going to do anything. Most gun deaths are the result of crime. Then suicide. Hardly any is due to the result of I accidently shot someone. You can also keep a car at your home with no...
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