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    Woman Who Said She Was ‘Just A Mom’ At Town Hall Meeting Is Exposed As A Republican O

    Re: Exposed: Republican Operative Lies I could care less I hope they destroy Obama's health care plan and any other liberal fantasy land ideas he has. I'm sick of it. all of it. Republicans too, you know. They're usually worse, just not so pronounced.
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    Govt to suspend Cash for Clunkers program

    Win win win... The reason why the free market works is because things that don't belong die. Crash and Burn. Fall off the cliff. you name it... What we here are seeing in the US is that those companies that failed don't die off. then you complain its the 'free markets mess' when yhou don't...
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    Healthcare battle 'isn't about me': Obama

    if you found that other video 'too childish' here's a series that highlights the exact same problems.. On The Fence Films :: Movies
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    Healthcare battle 'isn't about me': Obama

    Pajamas TV - Louder With Crowder - PJTV Undercover: Steven Crowder Investigates CanadaCare...Will ObamaCare Be Any Better? - Video so if Canada can't take care of 30 million people add an extra 0, and ask yourself, are you willing to wait?
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    Ronald Reagan kicks Bill Clinton's ass

    Reagan always had a sense of humor-mostly
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    Space travel. Is it necessary? Do you support it?

    Which gets funded all the time. NASA's budget is minuscule compared to say, the defense departments?
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    General commander of the Iranian army: It will take us 11 days "to wipe Israel out of

    Re: General commander of the Iranian army: It will take us 11 days "to wipe Israel ou The Federation of AMerican Scientists seems to think that Israel has nuclear weapons. As does the CIA, in fact. http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB240/snie.pdf A snyopsis of the Velia Incident Vela...
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    GM bankruptcy seen as all but inevitable

    Most people, seemingly are ok with that.
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    GM bankruptcy seen as all but inevitable

    GM's management failed. Then they begged the government Since the government loves sticking its fingers in anything they can. They decided to throw money at GM. Now GM is still failing and the government now has the precedent they need to stick their hands into more projects. WTF guys? Too...
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    Senate Passes Bill Curtailing Credit Card Industry

    Read the contract its actually gasp... all in there!!!!!!!
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    World Bank resumes Zimbabwe aid

    No since every single currency in the world is backed by well, nothing, its true for everyone, more or less. Zimbabwe is just the extreme case
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    California's Day of Reckoning: May 19th

    On May 19, Californians will go to the polls to decide the fate of six propositions. These propositions all deal with the tax code. Passage of all five of them are required to ratify the compromise that was hammered out by Governor Schwarzenegger and the legislature. That compromise was...
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    Judicial Watch Forces Release of Bank Bailout Documents

    Who here actually thought these bailouts were going to be legit? Who here was dumb enough to think throwing money at failing institutions would work?
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    Liberty-Loving Gen Yers will reshape politics.

    Why must conservatives always have a social agenda anyway? Just let people be people, do what they wish. As a Gen Y'er, I don't want government sticking their fingers into my personal life.
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    North American Video Game Crash of 1983

    Not exactly. Notice ow it only took 2 years for the industry to bounce back in full force (and its been relatively strong since) Arguably, the lack of regulation that allowed Japanese companies like Nintendo to enter the American market relatively cheaply is what saved the video game industry...
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